Before We Discover What Project M.A.R.S. is about
Let us First Understand ...

What is syntropic agriculture?

Syntropic agroforestry is a way of farming that mimics the forest. A diversity of plants are assembled as a consortium, within which each plant contributes to the whole and cooperates with other plants. The consortium thus tends towards greater fertility and complexity over time, like that of a natural forest.

The long term goal is to regenerate soil, rather than depleting it like conventional agriculture.

In short, syntropic agroforestry is a farming method that works with nature, not against it.

What is Project M.A.R.S about?

We are a team of change-makers who believe that we can restore society’s health and wellbeing through our collective engagement with the Project M.A.R.S. space.

Project M.A.R.S is an community-initiative project in Balik Pulau, Penang with a goal to growing a food forest using syntropic agroforestry approaches and building a best practice space for climate resilience education.​

What's this land exactly for?

We are in the midst of preparing this land for… 

Climate Ready Mud Cafe

Food Forest Tours 

Rent our space for your gatherings

Grower Training sessions with Pop N Chee and other experts

Family and Student education sessions

Healing Space

The 4 Pillars - M.A.R.S


Reduce human interference with climate systems by reducing emissions


Build resilience of people, communities and eco-systems especially for sustainable food


Adjust living and production approaches to both actual and projected climate conditions


To create a best practice space and model which can be easily replicated, and where climate solutions are accelerated