Our Progress

It’s a 4 year progress to establish Food Forest


Our Major Roadmap

2022 -2023

  • Early producers in food forest ready, rice paddy established
  • Climate-ready Café launched
  • Site creates bike-friendly features to promote eco-tourism e.g. Balik Pulau cycling route created


  • Medium food forest production ready
  • Sanctuary space and training space established
  • National and international training provided on replicating MARS


  • Food forest fully established
  • Climate resilience measures, adapting to more extreme weather

2022 Phase 1 Timeline

Goal : Manage Flood Risk – Raise Bed and Build trenches

Duration : Feb 2022 

Goal : Grass Planting – Build soil strength and  stability

Duration : March 2022 

Goal : Recruit Volunteer – Volunteers learn how to compost, the syntropic process, foster fruit and vegetable saplings to plant in the forest

Duration: April 2022 

Goal : Composting and Soil Preparation 

Duration: April 2022

Goal : Prepare raised beds and mulching -Volunteers prepare the ground for planting

Duration: May – June 2022 

Goal : Plant Food Forest – All volunteers bring their foster plants to place in their correct position in the food forest.

Duration : 16-17 July  2022 (Planting Week)

2022 Phase 2 Timeline

We are in our 2nd phase now to build a Mud Brick Cafe and Seed Bank

Goal : Build a Climate-ready Mud Café

Duration: starting Nov 2022 – Jan 2023

You may join as volunteer to build a Mud Cafe together or join our Mud Building Workshop. (click here to find out more)

Goal : Build Seed bank to preserve rare seeds

Duration: 2023

Goal :