We've got some Land in Balik Pulau, Penang and we're Growing a Food Forest using Syntropic Farming Methods

What's Project M.A.R.S ?

Project M.A.R.S is an community-initiative project in Balik Pulau, Penang with a goal to growing a food forest using syntropic agroforestry approaches and building a best practice space for climate resilience education.
Few of our current planned ideas for the usage of the land are: 
  • Climate Ready Mud cafe (Coming Soon..by end of 2022) 
  • Food Forest Tours 
  • Rent our space for your gatherings
  • Grower Training sessions with Pop N Chee and other experts
  • Family and Student education sessions
  • Healing Space

What we do?

Guided by experienced growers, we are learning as a community to restore and regenerate our soils to be healthy, nutrient-rich and biodiverse.

Through this journey we will learn how ecosystems around us work, how our consumption habits can change to live in sustanable harmony, and build resilience as a community for the effects of the climate crisis.

As the soil regenerates, we anticipate our own hearts, livlihoods and community bonds to also grow stronger!


Beginning with rejuvenating the soil, we aim to regenerate a richly natural habitat that will help reduce the impact of climate change.
Reintroducing local varieties of trees and plants, we intend to develop a sustainable food forest.


Let’s redefine what it truly means to live a healthy, sustainable life; one which blends harmoniously with the fabric of our local community and ecology. Recognising the crucial role of nature in our life, we can redefine how we can protect it and ourselves from harm.


Though we are a part of nature, we have mostly been living apart from it. By deeply planting our feet into our original roots, we can experience how richly rewarding it is to reconnect with our heritage of nature and learn to live with it.


Nature is continuously renewing itself. Tapping into its enduring resilience, we also renew our fierce hope and myriad opportunities for a brighter, cleaner, and greener future for us all.

Our Growing and Thriving Community...

what you can do?

We are very appreciative and grateful to all the people who assisted us during our journey. You can also be a part of us.  These are some of the ways you can contribute to our project. 


Join a volunteer session and learn together.


You can help by sponsoring our tree planting program.

Connect us with others

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