Hello. We are Pop and Chee.

Nice Meeting you!

Who we are?

Pop & Chee both live in the farm , live in peace & harmony with the nature, with thier babies, Boon, the dog, Happy, The Cat, Coco, Mocha, Cappocino,Styra,Fatty, Chicky, the chickens, ducky ,Yin, Yang, the ducks. ERM , ARH , the geese… and lots of the others friends around… Phew… What a long list !!!
We started our journey in the forest in Thailand, and we continue to create a mini food forest here in the city.
We plant everything that we love to eat, and medicinal use plant and we do seeds saving too…
The space is a big playgroud for us. we learn,explore and grow….
There is a small tea house in the farm, we plant our own herbs tea , Introduce & serves to our friends and family.
We organise some educational tour & workshops, so that everyone can learn and implement it back home.
We also have some farm fresh produce that we prow it for our own used and we also share to friends that are interested.
I guess that’s it…
It is just a way that we choose to live in this world. A mindful journey for us

How we got started?

Our Experience

Since 2018, we have conducted over 46 workshop in Malaysia with various topics:

  • Grow Your Own Food
  • Composting
  • Educational Farm tour
  • Healthy Living (fermentation food )
  • Nature Education

Organizing Sustainability Market : Grow Market

Total 38 markets organized and over 11000 participants joining…


  • Establish Grow Community Market at Juru Auto City , Penang Mainland
  • Once a month on 2nd Sunday
  • Averagely 30-50 vendors participate
  • Averagely 300-600 of community visit the market
  • Start Grow Market George Town at Hin Bus Depot, Penang Island
  • Once a month on 1st Saturday
  • Averagely 20-35 vendors participate
  • Averagely 200-300 of community visit the market

Our Farm to Table Products

Recognition and Awards

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